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Submitted on
February 2, 2013


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less is more :heart: if you have been featured, please :+fav: this journal and read the other works. now, onto the main event—

feelingfunnycatfish in a fish farm
staring at the sky
to dream about the sea
Tommb-landDigging the trenches
we carved mausoleums
and soon filled them up.
Deep Sea DivingA distant red dwarf--
the scales of a koi flashing
through an oil-spill sky.
i plucked an old curse
from my lungs
and decided
it was better off
Fill in the blank.Sometimes people leave 
these why-sized holes in our lives
after they depart.

A ThoughtThe best art is made
By those who care not for fame,
But who love their craft.
In a perfect world,
The Bard's name is a secret,
But his tale is known.
silvertongueCimmerian child with a rainy smile
pluvial lips purring
apropos tales
enchanting listeners till
more than human reaching
goddess wielding
her red herring tongue
turning air in her lungs into spells
sore throatlaying next to you
wondering who is sicker,
who loves who the most

lonelinessi am not Bukowski’s junkyard, but i am filled
with white-knuckled fear and petty excuses.
there is no room between the piss-stained
carpet and cockroach-infested refrigerator.
Eclipsing the RainRibbons of raindrops
caught in the headlight's glare; stars
breathe their wishes here.

RipplesSloshing lakewaters
skip nothing but sunlight
this summer evening.
STRAYI saw a hole in the sky tonight
The moon rode in the center
A smokey darkness outside
The warm eye of time saw me
I wasn't lacking, I had only strayed

buddinglittle white pills
(swallow, swallow, swallow)
greeted only by a
slight blurring of reality
about the edges
and the sudden inability to
is this what they mean by "happiness"?
Southern Belle - 4Ray of scattered light -
a flicker pearls
crests momentarily
hovers above the water
escaping - a flash of orange -
lands back into the mirage

any other way.the calender pages started to thicken and winter was drawing closer
she piled her jumpers into her drawers and re-stocked the tea supply
ready for her internal oceans to freeze and you to set up camp
in heart
and head
(she never didn't figure out how you were in two places at once)
reverse god complexi wait sometimes for
god to present himself
in the way
i would prefer him
but who am i to
call out god
when he has
to attend
alas, i am no god

Bitch (A Mean Poem)It was mostly puppy fat
at first,
but you were a good eater
and became medievally healthy.
You bit people
lightly on their fingers
and built a King Henry's belly
from their insides.
pain is
strobe lights
instead of
solar flares.
Summer wine.Red lips;
you sit beside me and
prompt in jest.
I love you.

The little thingsfinding a twenty in your wallet
a hug from a dear friend when you need it most
that perfect spot on the pillow
an unexpected gift of your favourite treat
that rooftop timpani when it's raining
the word 'sale' on those to-die-for shoes
the sweet caress of a longed for kiss
_____________ I'll leave this space blank for you
Vert velvet slippers
and a mouthful of water –
dragonflies flit by.
Twin evergreen canes
support the elderly bridge;
an unsteady crone.
Citronella flame,
illuminating fingers,
out-bites mosquitos.
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You're wonderful for doing this, for taking the time to make us artists feel as special as you do. Thank you so, so much. I feel honored to be in the same group as the other wonderful poets, here. :heart:
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so cool! thank you so much for the feature and the great reading material :heart:
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no problem :heart: these are fun to pull together!
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